Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chase season 2015 Begins!

Well, it's been a while since posting a blog here!  The severe weather season has arrived so it's about time to start blogging again.  I already made a trip to Kansas, chased a tornadic cell near Medicine Lodge and then a severe storm in Iowa on the way home.  I choose not to chase in Illinois and therefore was not witness the very large EF-4 tornado near Rochelle that unfortunately did damage and took lives.  I am sad for the community and those hit by the storm.

A cold front that swept through several states on April 12th brought a line of storms to Minnesota.  One of the pre-frontal cells moved immediately north of my house, giving me a great view of the shelf cloud and some nice CGs!  I managed to capture one across the street while shooting from inside my garage!  Can't complain about this chase.  I will post a blog for each chase soon, along with photos and videos.  Getting ready for more severe weather days soon!